My life,as i repeat time and again have not been a walk in the park.It has been battle after battle to where I am today.To many it might seem like am no-where because of lack of my past history.Others might be mislead by exaggerated stories about me.But no-one really knows me like I do.Thats why when there is an opportunity for to help,I always give my best.It might not be materials things,but anything at my disposal to get things done,I will act with a good heart.

Hardworking people and those who seem to be going somewhere in life,are in most instances hated.For one they give their all in what they put their hands in.They don’t do it to get noticed,they classify themselves as God’s sent and will leave nothing to chance.This most probably brings hate in a group purpose.For once those people will get noticed before their counterparts, because of playing their part well at the matter at hand.They will be confused to be arrogant by those who think they are in a competition with them.They will try to taint the names of hardworking ,to demoralise them.And perhaps slow them down.

Everything smart people do ,to hateful people is too much.Perhaps someone seeing how I keep writing coupled with hate will say that I write too much,or I speak too much……………But I always tell them I believe in too much.Because to succeed in life means simply going an extra mile and doing a little bit more than expected,I mean some too much.It requires sometimes someone to be self sent and going for it.

Acknowledgement and encouragement sometimes looks golden.But in long run they don’t apply.You need to time and again motivate yourself.Actually the best energy comes from this.Because it is intrinsic motivation and achieves much more than any other motivation.

As success is predictable so is failure.And how is failure predictable, “We will know a bird,which will not do well because it’s nest hangs on the wayside.”A wise man told me.Those who practice hate and jealousy emphasise only on others.They will always stop what they are doing to gossip about others.On the other hand successful people don’t even care about what others do or say about them.They are focused about their journey.

Focus,win and simply become too much.Knock a little bit longer.


Since covid 19 disease came into this world, my head has been like a battle field.Fighting doctrine after doctrine of many people trying to explain this pandemic,Some with soo strange explanations such that ,after we talk on what they think is the reason why the virus came into this world,I automatically make a decision never to discuss issues of importance with them.Because I determine the level of understanding one is in.Many people have not taken time to internalise and analyse,what this pandemic really is.Hence it becomes easier for many to spread hear-say,which of course ,and most probably might not be regarded as sound doctrine.There is a difference between the truth and sound doctrine.In this issues I will write extensively for everyone to understand, easily and clearly.

The text and the context which this literature is derived from is personal and very spiritual, so there are matters of great importance and therefore I wish from where I sit,that this literature finds you in your absolute peace of mind .

what does sound doctrine entail?

There is a huge difference between an epidemic and a pandemic.An epidemic is mainly explained by the disease widespread and on the number of people it kills,On the other hand a pandemic is more explained with how far has the disease spread,and simply how many countries it has spread into.Therefore it is not difficult for anyone to discern which between a pandemic and an epidemic is more dangerous. Though both of them are serious viral diseases which kills,and when it comes to death many human beings does not come into terms that it is a reality.People are still in denial of death.Most people even at this time tend to think that those who have died of covid,it is because of their recklessness of not taking the preventive measures well outlined by the government.Though I might not choose for you what to believe, its quite unfair for anyone to have such thought’s.It makes you live in the utopia of that you are living because of the ability to protect yourself.Which is still far from the truth.I have experienced people who have been vaccinated dying and there might not be any preventive measure,than taking a choice to get the jab.So if you believe in such,kindly erase that evil doctrine.

I believe you have learnt history.But even if you haven’t, you might have come across migration of bantus,nilotes and cushites .This are all communities in Africa.I will emphasise on the bantus, of which I am a descendant.Our origin was Congo forest,and one of the reason which made us to migrate was diseases and epidemics.Congo as we speak has a lot of gold.And those who had the knowledge of its presence coming from far,were the source of internal and external pressures,and moreover the epidemics.The bantus started migrating,all the other reasons might be relevant but this of epidemics,is really important for you to note,because it all most wiped the whole of the living around and they hurriedly took off.This is what we call migration and settlement of African communities.My point is there have been even more serious diseases in the lives of our ancestors,but this did not stop us from coming to this world and living.Its good to know where you are coming from ,for you to know where you are going and what to believe and what to term as utter cynicism.

Most people have bought the philosophy of many pastor’s who claim this are the end times.Others claim that it is God who punishing people because of the current evils in the world.Every now and then I hear allusions from the bible claiming the same.But allow me to mention that biblical allusions have done more evil than good.I belive most of my literary work readers are people of great understanding and to reach the levels they are in,they have read soo many books.To understand any text you must read the whole text,and not once but severally to get an insight and of course empathise with the writer for a better understanding.You can’t go to a book open page 67,and start reading there,and claim to understand anything about that book.Literature is a high profile genre and does not only require reciting the words,but requires great understanding.A writer words might look in support of something, but meaning absolutely the opposite.h

It’s then my humble duty to say that,the Bible was written by writers inspired by God.Hence this writers did not only write,and you can only understand the bible,if you are a heavy reader,not by alluding chapters and verses,but rather to study the whole text of the writter you are reading of.To get understanding of lukes point of view,you must read the whole book of luke to understand his point of view.And not once but severally.Now this is where the problem with our self proclaimed servants of God is,they have taken the path of alluding the Bible,with which comes very little or no understanding.Confusing the people in some saying it is the end time,others it is God who is punishing the people.

Forgive me for discrediting this two theories.I might also not have understood better the bible,but you should believe that God’s plans of your life are pure and He cannot bring a collective punishment to punish the people.By sending Jesus Christ all ancestral debts were paid and now the ball settled on an individual.That’s why it is clearly put that everyone must carry his or her own cross.And also judgement of sin,is very personalised,that according to how you live in this world individually is with that you will be judged.It is also most evident when a person is born alone and dies alone.

You should also never believe anyone telling you it is the end of the world or the end of time.No one knows the times and the day,It is only God who knows.Don’t you remember in 1999 ,when people sold their belongings and went to Jerusalem to meet Jesus.Is it once or twice this self sent prophets to proclaim it is the end of the world.Do you find it very encouraging when they confuse people and it does not happen as they prophesied?????????

You should never worry about the end because those who believe In God never dies,but will have life everlasting.So having known that the death we see is temporal and that you will continue living after that.Then it beats sense for someone to worry so much about the recent deaths in the country today.Or else to buy fear about the end,those who believe in God there is no end my friend but life everlasting.The end only applies to the non-believers,and this could your pastor’s, evangelists,bishops and many self proclaimed servants of God enriching themselves by selling un-sound doctrines.

My advice will be continue communing with God and make peace with everyone.Protect yourself as well as possible and live life without worry or fear of covid 19.Tomorrow is guaranteed because you believe in God.Careless about the physical death and emphasise about life everlasting.

But it is also a choice,you can choose to worry.

But no one can stop anyone to get everlasting life through choosing to believe in God the starter and moderator of our lives.

The Truth.

Dirty feet can’t step clean,an evil man can’t think straight.If you really need the truth you can’t find it in the mouths of propagators of some strange practices like tribalism and racism.

Your truth,still remains your truth,my truth also remains my truth.But the truth will remain the truth regardless of whom wants or doesn’t want to speak it.Truth in China will be the truth in Kenya,same when it comes to Uganda.

People don’t like or accept People they can’t control.most likely those who thinks power and leadership belongs to them,will fight diversity of ideas.Even to a point that the truth sayer can face his or her untimely death.For I have chosen to say what I want to ,to whomever I want and wherever I want.Though I will always say the right thing,in the correct manner and order,to make sure the truth penetrates deep inside the listener.Because enough of men,does not talk the truth,its so frightening to utter truthful words.And also very easy not to think deeper,but follow what is said as the reality.This is where inhumanity creeps in.Its better to say the truth no matter the people opinions.Stand for nothing, fall in everything.

I have trained my mind for years now.I don’t follow the crowd I think different.I read my leader,but never follows foolishly.For those who thinks that it is the truth because it has been spoken by a certain tribal King,wake up and stop slumber!!!

I always choose the less taken path,atleast to leave some steps to trace it another day,though it might look weary and frightening too,I always chose it anyway.


I know that God is still in His thrown,His works and words never fails.Transforming that world through His wonderful works is always evident.This is what you need to pursue”spirituality and Godliness”.This two principles may oftentimes be misunderstood.The reason been upon their mention,its quite easy to connect them with church attendance and its recent day’s companion,been prayed for by your pastor.But to my surprise it have nothing to do with this.My topic can only be connected to building a personal relationship with God,and as we all know Him the conquering lion of Judah.

When you gain this two virtues, there is a light that shines inside thy heart.Your world starts to open.It might or might not be evident on outside for other people to see.But everyone will realise that there is a flicker of life in all you do.Transformation,which is a re-touch from the potter’s hand’s is what that will be available to all world eyes.How will it happen?is a question many if not all will be asking themselves.Now relax and read further………..

The answer is,the happiness of knowing who you are,will be the first fruits to get from the relationship between you and your maker.While many who think that they know who they are do not really visualize things in this dimension.Knowing your name has nothing to do with who you are my friend.Identity is different from personality.What you do my fellow men and women’s of reason,like for instance been a teacher, a banker,an engineer or an entrepreneur has nothing to do with knowing yourself.You only identify with them because they are the source of your livelihood.Forgive me but cash,job or wealth should never tame your journey to knowing who you really are.

My point is which gift,which talent,did you bring to the world,or are you just here live,work and die?Everyone has a gift or a talent. The one you are supposed to use to give praise with to God.Is actually your way of serving God through serving humanity.It’s very personal and given distinctly to every individual.But to tell yourself you don’t have one,is a lie…….Just know the creator had a purpose of you to serve Him.

And now,I beseech you through the mandate given to me by my Saviour and giver,God of all.That no matter how successful you have been in your career,bussiness and any other work,you should never fail to find your purpose.It is the parameter to be used for judgement.And to be more specific not any other purpose but God’s reason for you being.

And what will you gain from knowing all this?It will ignite and actualize special energy,happiness and endurance in your whole life.All you will do is to serve your creator not to be glorified by hearts and mouths of men.

Don’t keep calm,rise,kneel,jump in secret places asking HIM THE GIVER to reveal thy purpose of been.

It’s coming When God created fish He spoke to the waters. When God created plants, He spoke to the soil. But when,He created human being,He took soil and moulded a MAN in His own likeness.This then translates to the importance and value of humanity.


It’s true time flies, where it goes so fast is not known by anyone……….its like it is in a mission to make people older and then before they know their day’s are gone and then off they go,to another world, its called the land of milk and honey,by us who believe in life after death.

When I was so deep in addiction, there were those who thought that the only option to end my “miseries”was to die.This they could talk even in my presence.To confirm their willingness to put my problems into an immediate end,they started acting the part.

One vividly glued episode in my head,was this blue night when I was passing a certain institution and I can’t clearly recall at that particular moment being a nuisance. What still worries me is that I was using the public main road.But from no where a guard from that school came running towards my direction,with a noticeable glittering panga,though at night,the panga was soo sharp,from the look of my eyes.This are not orgre stories,so don’t confuse me to be a fictional poet,especially in this instance.

But I had not planned what to do or how to react,since I had not anticipated this misfortune.So the alleged killer had the better part of advancing well with his plans.But my senses were alive and kicking,when he swung the panga to cut the neck,I bent backwards,risking falling down and getting two cuts by evading one.But God who never sleeps ,gave me stamina and I did it.I even went a step ahead and played a fast time technique.Frightened but very fateful choose to run the direction he was coming from.It worked.He lost control and before he turned to the direction I was heading I was ahead by metres.

But I could not run far I was on stabilisers to maintain my condition,on the other hand,the killer was determined that I don’t breath even a second more.And guess what! my legs gave in to death,sensing defeat,my voice also died,I could not scream to frighten the demon and call for help.Before I knew he was heavily panting behind my back,ooooh mine a panga at my back again? my creative mind thought.But before it was too late my angel appeared………..

I jumped in success,it was a trench…….and the killer knew,but I had no afore knowledge of that trench of death.Sensing I have made it,he flashed his torch into the ditch to confirm if he was really right,oooh my goodness,he was not.But he thought there was no way I could have escaped.He now directed the rays of the well charged torch towards my direction.

When I jumped,I fell down without anymore energy remaining and heart broken.Why could this man be soo determined to kill me,……..I am only an addict trying to get better,but getting the worse ,I told myself before lying flat on that ground.Telling myself, breathing loudly at such a moment, was like not been serious to myself and all the people I always thought I should help in life, therefore I kept very silent.

Kindly this are not dreams, take heed of all I am about to reveal to you because there are of importance in your life.From the other side of the tunnel, he kept searching for me,worried and still flashing the torch now and then.

He was now convinced that I was in the tunnel dead and not breathing.I think he thought the mission was accomplished and headed to call counterparts to come and give me a decent burial to a place they will not be suspected.

When he vanished, energy come back and I slowly, intelligibly and creatively started vanishing the scene from the side that no one could see me.At a safe distance I could hear them coming with folk Jembes and spades,ready for the burial………

This is a past I look back at,and though I can’t rely on it,it gave me a lesson.The killer is a front bencher in the church,and for your information saved and a staunch Christian.”This is a wolf clothed in a sheep’s skin.”

This kind of people are allover my friends,some you even write them as your referees in your CVs, dear graduates.Perhaps this is the reason you have not been employed ,because they don’t give you credit when called in regards to you been given a job.

Not all glitters is gold,look deep within

And after looking

Look deep again.

Beware of them, Anti-Christ’s.

Its funny how many this days many are gambling with the word of God.To benefit from it by amasing wealth and get a status in the society.Most of them are anti-christs who use the name Jesus, to confuse the believers before they intoxicate them with bad spirits.Many followers of this hypochrite don’t sense danger, they do this because of their love to Jesus Christ the son of God.

There is a difference between Jesus and Jesus Christ, take that for free.Jesus can be any mans name, but Jesus Christ is the true son of God, who died for our sins on the cross.So avoid the mis-conception that every pastor, father, singer or any other person talking of Jesus to be a believer, on the contrary he/she might be a heathen or a devil worshipper.The true Jesus is Jesus Christ son of God.Always look for opportunities in their summons to determine the true christian minister.Knowledge is power and when judgement befalls on everyone, there will be no reasons, for not knowing.Probe further for everything, dont accept so lightly.

Everyone has a voice, but not everybody who uses it right.Enough of them talk about Jesus, but most of them do not know about Christ.That’s why i don’t listen when most of them talk, because i have realised most of them has what i term as thorn-talk.

They train with a wrong thought.So don’t believe them.Because they don’t have content to nourish the reluctant.Our work is very powerful and important and that’s why most of this heathens fear us, talking the truth.The true religion is;

“When you catch a fish, share it,

Help the oppressed to rise, and elevate them,

Accept every one no matter the condition and don’t forsake them.

Organize classing sessions, and educate them

Appreacite people, don’t hate them.”

The message is to give love and receive.

Not the contrary of send this amount to this paybill and receive a miracle, or be reedemed from an evil spirit.Take care most of this people are Demon’s themselves and if you believe them……….woe unto you

Finally use your brain and don’t be lured by their tongue.Most of them have no content to nourish the reluctant.

Stay tuned.


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Things have started taking shape giving me time to reflect on all aspects needed for success.When i mention success, in most cases, my topics always touches on personalities, change of behaviour and if you are one of my follower, you are now aware that i have a personal fight with drugs abuse and addiction.or lets me call it helping addicts live a normal life and continue making their contributions towards changing the to a better habitable place.

Yes they have a chance, they can make it, they are special people if they chose inviting time to annoint them, by becoming displined and knowing that each milli second counts.

Time is also a harsh judge, if you dont come into agreement with it, when you want results, it won’t reward you as you want”it will analyze your actions towards the subject , you want results and reward you according to the amount of it applied in the said subject.”Its directly propotional, you can choose otherwise.You have to behave wisely when dealing with time.It never naps.Its always awake giving you a chance to redeem yourself.From nothing to something, but this depends on your personal will.Because no one can live this life for you.No matter how wisely your grandfather gave time a chance and got wealthy, you must build your own relationship with time or languish in poverty and nothingness.

“Thanks God for giving us the equal portion in this one aspect time.”